Our Garden


We're building another greenhouse this year. A stand alone 30'x14'. We're becoming farmers ;). Taking our growing seriously, I'll say. Here's Oli helping.

Greenhouse greenies so far. Little babies.


We were most successful with our peppers this year in the greenhouse. Jalapeños and habaneros. Made some awesome hot pepper jelly and pickled peppers.

Garlic scapes. Love them. Eat them. Sauté them. Grill 'em. Pickle them. Make pesto with them. All of that done!

Pretty zinnias.

My Maine lupine that I planted a few years ago is finally growing in with abundance. I love, love lupine. And I love, love the variety of colors I get.

Because isn't this what gardens are for...morning coffee in the sunshine with your puppy??

Garden peonies. Another favorite Maine flower of mine. I love their gorgeous, romantic blossoms. We were lucky enough to have these growing on our property when we moved in. I've just cultivated them now. And aren't they happy! (that is homemade kombucha underneath)

Dew on lupine leaves.

We built a rock fire pit last year and we love it. It always marks the beginning of summer when we light 'er up and have dinner and drinks by the pit.

 Amazing heritage lilacs from A's grandmother. Moved from ME to MA back to ME, into my yard.

 Oli cooling off under the maple tree.

The garden. Garlic, tomatoes, peppers, peppers and more peppers, zukes, cukes and lettuces.

Greenhouse - recently planted peppers, but beets, carrots, chard, greens, beans - planted over a month ago. We love our greenhouse. 

Noooo....a friend's chickens, even though I wish they were mine.


Garden sunnies this year

Last sunny of the season
Beets and Carrots

Look at those beauties - beets


Love growing our own food

The loot

Green beans

There is nothing like homegrown fresh garlic - so different than the store bought "old" garlic

The 20'x20' plot and greenhouse attached to the barn



Start of the growing season



Would be parsnips, didn't mature as well as we hoped

This year we grew more weeds that veggies - bummer!

Beet greens and rainbow chard - great for juicing and sautéing in a pan with EVOO and garlic - mmm

Sad yield this year :(

Boo loves the garden too. She is always helping, or so she thinks. She more less just gets in the way, but we wouldn't have it any other way. ::smooches::



Greenhouse tomatoes

Greenhouse greenies

Start of the season. We start all our veggies from seed in the green house. Such a great alternative to scrounging for seedlings around planting time, not finding what you want or knowing if they are organic or not. We order our seeds from an organic seed manufacturer here in Maine.


  1. It would be neat to know the total weights of things grown - ex: 10 pounds of garlic

  2. Hey, what a cool idea! We have never thought of weighing anything. We are always more concerned about processing it, cooking it and storing it, so thanks for the thought, we will try to remember for this year.

  3. wondering if you have any more photos of your winter green house growth

  4. Unfortunately, our greenhouse garden didn't make it. We had some subzero temperatures here and all my microgreens froze. :( It was test, we were unsure if we could grow in the middle of winter, but we are looking forward to it warming up so we can replant.

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