Thursday, May 9, 2013

For the Love of Food

I love food.

I am, in fact, fascinated by food. 

I love the entire food/meal process from shopping, or better yet growing my own food, to meal planning, cooking, eating, to knowing that what I put in my body is going to make me feel a certain way and the concept that food is fuel for the machine that is my body, of which I ask a lot.

I am further fascinated by other people's relationship with food. So many of us don't understand food, let alone our own personal relationship/habits with food, the repercussions of those habits and that our bodies have an innate way of telling us what it needs, if we listen. I am amazed by the amount of information available, yet the lacking of basic knowledge so many of us have of food knowledge and nutrition. 

We would not ask a car to run with dirty oil and unfiltered gasoline, yet we ask our bodies to run on an imbalanced diet lacking of proper nutrients. We rush around, as life demands of us, putting in our mouths what is convenient, expecting our bodies to keep running full tilt only to get frustrated when it inevitably fails us by getting exhausted or sick.

While I am no means an expert when it comes to nutrition and knowing what my body needs, let alone yours; I have learned in the last few years that there is a significant difference in the way I feel (i.e. sleep, energy-wise, pooping, hormonally, etc.) when I eat well. The trendy term is "eating clean," which has been a well-known concept to me since my childhood, but it is only now that I am realizing, by how good my body feels and functions for me, the importance of "eating clean."

This blog is my personal journey with food and nutrition. The process of learning to eat what my body needs, not what my hormones, emotions and mind think I want. It is about listening to my body; continuing to read, talk with others and participate in research and discussions about food and nutrition, I will share what I find and what I have learned through my own trials and tribulations.