I had the joy of visiting sunny San Diego recently to see family and friends. Dad and I went to a different class 7 of the 9 days I was there. We did kickboxing, spinning, 2 different bootcamps, a TRX, Tabata, HIIT class taught by a husband and wife team, and an aerial yoga class. I was in love instantly. I loved how open I was able to get with certain poses, especially in my hips. It was an outdoor class over looking the beach and town, at sunset. It was incredible. It is all I keep thinking about. I want to learn to teach aerial yoga. Too bad because Trilogy Sanctuary is giving a teacher training next weekend and I'm all the way across the country. Either way I might have to bring aerial yoga our little area of Maine. If there is an aerial yoga class near you, or you are in SD, I would highly recommend taking a class. It is surprisingly easier than I expected and simply amazing!

I have recently added TRX to my workout routine. And I am loving it!

I had heard great things about TRX from multiple people and the diversity of a workout it provides. I love the combination of intense bursts of energy, Pilates-type movements, focused muscle work, suspension resistance and a lot of balance work. I have developed a lot of strength over the last few months.

I would highly recommend a TRX class near you. It might seem intimidating or too intense. But I was amazed how much of my yoga breathing and balance focus is used throughout the classes. I have found more upper body and core strength, alongside increased stability.

Don't be afraid to try a new workout. You never know what you will discover in the class and in yourself.

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New Fav Yoga Videos

My 2 favorite Ali Kamenova videos. I do these 2 the most often:

Recently found Ali Kamenova, she moves slowly and intently. Her workouts are intense. Love them and her!

This one is an ass-kicker! Nice, sweating right now.

Like Dagmar for an early morning routine, when still groggy:

My Philosophy, Amended

I have been doing regular yoga for that last few months. And I am loving it. I love the grounding of yoga, the breath, the deep stretching and yes, I even sweat, but is very different than my typical approach to exercise.

I remember as a kid hating yoga, because my Mom would drag me to a yoga class and I would get bored. I was tired of breathing, why you do you need to practice breathing I would think to myself, and my nose would run constantly (allergies and now that I am thinking about it, probably my gluten and lactose intolerance manifesting at that young age, huh, hindsight, right!?). But I swore off yoga as a kid.

But now I get it, funny how that creeps back in years later. (Side note: Thanks Mom for making me hate gardening at a young age too, because I always had the clean-up job or racking leaves, look how that crept in, now we have a 20'x20' garden and a greenhouse, and I can, and freeze and cold store our harvest...thanks Mom, ha!) Seriously though, I enjoy my yoga practice. I love the centering it gives my body and the clarity of mind I have after each session. And I have to admit there is a "workout" in yoga, breathing through some of the poses and keeping muscles engaged can be challenging.

There are tons of yoga videos online or probably a class near you, but I enjoy practicing in the quiet and comfort of my own home, early in the morning while everyone is still sleeping. I would highly recommend adding yoga to your workout cycle, I promise you will notice a difference in your agility, clarity of mind and groundedness.

(Which makes me giggle typing it and God forbid saying it. Did any of you read that blog about Surviving Whole Foods? It was hilarious. Don't get me wrong, I love Whole Foods, but you know we have all thought the many things)

My Philosophy:

I am a firm believer in exercise. I grew up an active kid, I played sports my whole life, my family is active; my Dad and I often play one-on-one basketball for fun, Mom and I go for a hike, my Honey and I regularly do yard work together, or go play tennis, movement for us is a regular and necessary part of life.

While I personally strive to do things that make me sweat and short of breath (otherwise it doesn't feel like I did much), others may just need the basic implementation of movement. Going from sitting at the office all day to sitting on the couch at night, your body needs that movement to keep things moving inside. I know the less I move the less my body moves with me; meaning, my joints and parts ache more, my bowels move more slowly, my hormones are erratic and irregular, I can't breathe or sleep as well. So for me, exercise is just as crucial as eating well to my general feeling of good well being.

I am constantly looking for new exercise moves and ways to feel like I am not working out, which I know some people hate working out, but I am more looking and searching for the fun of trying something new, to see which muscle I can make sore tomorrow. I personally love the act of working out, the burn, the labored breathing, the pushing my body just a little bit further and harder, but then again I am super competitive, even with myself and maybe slightly masochistic (which I am realizing now typing this). I love moving a muscle the next day after a good workout and going "ooh, ah, that hurts, but Oh so good."

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Helpful Tid-bits:

When starting a new exercise plan, that you are sticking to regularly (ie. 3-5 times per week)....

* It will take you 3 weeks to notice a difference (in the way you feel, the way your clothes fit differently)

* It will take 6 weeks for the scale to register noticeable changes.

* And it will take 12 weeks for others to notice

I mentioned this to a friend today and she had never heard this, thought I should share.

Exercises Worth Trying:

Thanks Glamour! I do these often!

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